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Submitted on
April 22, 2003


7 (who?)
Can I
Wear your touch?
Surround myself
With the comfortable feel
And heady scent
Of you?

Can I
Wrap myself up?
A blanket of comfort.
A love-warmed heart.
Evergreen feelings.
And shining eyes.

Will you
Be my second skin?
Walk with me always,
Go where I go,
And stay in my arms
You know that feeling you get when you're all snuggly with someone and everything's perfect and you just want it to last forever. I wrote this when I was feeling like that. It's about a marriage proposal I guess. I dunno. :P (Lick)
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bossdj Featured By Owner May 22, 2003
thank you for not boring me to death with cliches and a poem that never ends. it really draws out the emotion and not the sap that sometimes comes along with it. as for the meaning...thanx, dude...but i'm just not ready for that kind of committment...i mean, I'm awesome!
helloitsjanet Featured By Owner May 22, 2003
Congratulations on being featured in the Fortnight Spotlight by ` lllo0o0olll Hug

Very well-expressed indeed. The feeling I get is a little inquisitive, a little casual. However when it reaches the last stanza, the tone seems to change and there is gravity and great love in it. That's my perception anyway.

If any guy proposed with a poem like this, it'll cause his lady to melt.
mariamaria Featured By Owner May 22, 2003   Writer
The people are retards.
triptychr Featured By Owner May 22, 2003  Hobbyist Writer
Very well written. It reminds me of something I read in a magazine article once, about how a wife liked to wear her husband's shirts when he wasn't around just so she could have his feel and scent about her. You demonstrate just how strong that feeling of being "covered" by someone can be.
rainsymphony Featured By Owner May 22, 2003
even though it doesnt express in any way what I am feeling right now towards this character of mine, it is very deep very strong, and at the same time very very soft and....cozy? here thoughtful and wordless. excellent poem. :D (Big Grin)
browneyedgirl Featured By Owner May 22, 2003
wow!!! i love this so much! it expesses exactly what i am feeling now! Its really well done! congrats! : )
sadeyes1980 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003
It's so soft. Thanks for this, dude. :) (Smile)
badfairy Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2003
WOW!!!!! This is so so so so good...! The weirdest thing, I was thinking of writing something about the weird situation im in with a guy right now, and this explains it all so well. Did you pluck these thoughts from my head?
seeramoni Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2003   Digital Artist
I know the feelings well--thanks for your comments on mine too
ladyindistress Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003
i love it...warm fuzzy feelings :) (Smile)
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